Crowd Pleaser

After participating in Ludum Dare 38 and creating Roo’s World in 48 hours, I was convinced I could design, draw and polish a simple Android game in 5 days, so that’s what I did.

The idea was as simple as you could ask, a tap to jump reaction based game with increasing difficulty over time.

I got to work immediately after breakfast, sitting down and creating a 2D array of objects, adding a simple sprite and looping through them to create the wave effect.

I used a free pixel animator called Piskel to create my animated sprites. I then used a palette swapping technique to generate a more visually appealing crowd while saving a ton of time.

Next I added a wave selector that randomly triggered waves from each direction, A player character and made the rest of the art assets.

Then after getting the game play right, adding high scores and achievements I was done!

Overall I really enjoyed the process, I learnt a few useful techniques and I would recommended to every beginner game dev to put down that enormous project for one week and finish something small.

The UI was supplied from every Game Developers best-friend, Kenney. UI Pack

The fantastic music was composed by Wyver9

Tap the screen and join a Mexican wave hurdling across your screen, then do that again, and a few more times.

Install from Google Play

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